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Let's Write Together: Collaborative writing (2nd. Edition)

ISBN: 968-7788-43-7  
Editorial: Jit Press  
Autor: Paula Flores Kastanis  
Edición: Segunda
Lugar: México  
Páginas: 200    
Tamaño: 16.5 X 22.5 cm    


1.1 Concept of Writing.
1.2 Writing Process.
1.2.1 Prewriting.
1.2.2 Organizing. Methods of arranging details- Organizing. Topic, purpose and audience: Three interactive elements of writing.
1.2.3 Drafting.
1.2.4 Revising.
1.2.5 Editing.
1.3 Mechanics.
1.3.1 Sentence Structure and End Punctuation.
1.3.2 Commas and misuse of commas.
1.3.3 Semicolon and Colon.
1.3.4 Hyphen, dash, and apostrophe.
1.3.5 Quotation marks and italics.
1.3.6 Ellipsis, parentheses and brackets.
1.3.7 Capitalization.
1.3.8 Numbers and numerals.
1.4 Spelling.

2.1 Elements of a good paragraph.
2.1.1 Completeness.
2.1.2 Logical Order.
2.1.3 Unity.
2.1.4 Coherence.
2.1.5 Paragraph details.
2.1.6 Tips to help you write a good paragraph.
2.2 The narrative paragraph.
2.2.1 Present narration.
2.2.2 Past narration.
2.3 The descriptive paragraph.
2.3.1 Description of a place.
2.3.2 Description of a person.

3.1 Concept and characteristics of an expository paragraph.
3.1.1 Support of the generalization.
3.1.2 Illustrations and anecdotes.
3.1.3 Organization of details and examples: order of importance, familiarity, and time.
3.2 Transition words and phrases.
3.3 Criteria for evaluating an Expository Paragraph.
3.4 The definition paragraph.
3.5 The summary paragraph.
3.5.1 Paraphrasing.
3.5.2 Summarizing.
3.6 Citing Sources.
3.6.1 Parenthetical Citations.
3.6.2 The Works Cited section.
3.7 The Process-analysis paragraph.
3.8 The comparison and contrast paragraph.
3.8.1 Mechanics of Writing: Comparison Language. Review of Adverbial Conjunctions to Show
Similarities and Differences.

Adverbials of Time and Sequence (Time expressions, Prepositions of time, adverbs of
Adverbial Clauses of Time Verb Tense Review: The Simple Past, The Past Progressive,
and the Past Perfect.
Composition Skill Builders.
Adverbs of place.
Participles as adjectives.
Passive voice vs active voice.
Composition Skills.
Adjective Clauses.
Adjective Clausee Subordinators.
Prepositions in adjective clauses.
Punctuation of restrictive and nonrestrictive adjective clauses.
Reduction of adjective clauses to prepositional phrases.
Participles as adjectives.